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Arrival & Departure Policy 2020


Arrival and Departure Policy

Children and young people must be brought to sessions by a member of their household.

    • Children/young people should not car share with anyone outside of their household or social bubbles.

    • One member of staff will be at the door to greet children and staff to minimise the number of people touching the door handle, key fobs etc.

    • Parents/Carers will be expected to stay at least 2 metres away from the entrance.

    • All staff and children will be required to sanitise their hands upon entering the building.

    • Anyone wearing a face covering to travel to the session must remove it in line with procedure:

    1. Wash hands on arrival at the setting

    2. disposable face coverings should be placed in a lidded bin, reusable coverings should be placed in a plastic bag and stored by the individual it belongs to.

    3. Hands must be washed for 20 seconds with soap and water following removal of a face covering

    • Activity Coordinators will record each child/young person’s arrival on the attendance sheet at the start of each session.

    • Medication will be signed in by the Activity Coordinator, parents will not be required to sign as they are unable to enter the building. All medication should come in the original packaging with label detailing name of child, medication, dosage and frequency.

    • Staff will not be required to sign in and out at present, this will be recorded by the Activity Coordinator.

    • Care plans must be completed if one has not already been done so.

    • Prior to attendance parents/carers must provide up to date contact numbers and agree to remain contactable throughout the session in the event their child develops symptoms of COVID-19 and requires collection.

    • All lunch boxes and drinks should be clearly marked with the child’s name.  Children and young people will be responsible, with support, for putting their own belongings in the appropriate place.

    • Support staff should be aware of the child that they are working with each day and their individual needs. They must also be ready to greet them on their arrival.

    • Activity Coordinators should ensure that staff and volunteers have read the care plan for the children they are supporting each day.

    • No child will be allowed to leave the premises with an unauthorised person.

    • Activity Coordinators will record each child/young person’s departure on the attendance sheet once they have been collected, any medication that is being returned must be signed out by the Activity Coordinator.

    No-one displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or who have tested positive in the past 10 days can attend a session. No-one can attend a session if a member of their household is displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

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