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Lone Working Policy


Lone Working Policy


Policy Statement


Play Inclusion Project is committed to ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, the personal safety of its employees and volunteers.  It should be clearly understood by all concerned that in any situation, the reduction of risk and avoidance of untoward incidents is of paramount importance.  Play Inclusion Project has a responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to provide a safe, secure environment for every member of staff. Play Inclusion Project recognises that working alone can bring additional risks to a work activity and has developed policies and procedures, to control the risks and protect employees. 


All staff working alone should understand and follow these guidelines.


Definition of Lone Worker


The term “working alone” is used to define any working practice which involves an employee, undertaking duties not in the presence of or easily accessible to other employees. This can also apply to a small group of employees when they are working within isolated locations and when carrying out known high risk activities such as:

  • Working with service users who have known risks, e.g. violence and/or aggression

  • Carrying significant cash or banking

  • Travelling between sites

  • Carrying medication, equipment or valuables

Lone Working Guidelines


  • New volunteers should be visited in a public place by one member of staff or if they are visited within the home two members of staff must conduct the interview.

  • Ensure times and contact details of the places you are visiting as appointments are detailed on your time sheet.

  • Ensure any changes to your appointments are recorded on your time sheet as soon as possible prior to the new meeting time/place etc taking place or if this is not possible ring the office prior to the actual meeting taking place.

  • New referral meetings are to take place in a public place to complete paperwork.

  • New children are to be visited at home, following the new referral meeting by both Activity Coordinators for the area.

Updated October 2022

By Joanne Barnes

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