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Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone Policy


Policy Statement


At Play Inclusion Project we take steps to ensure that there are effective procedures in place to protect children, young people and vulnerable adults from the unacceptable use of mobile phones and cameras during the working day.  


We also recognises that Activity Coordinators will need to have access to mobile phones during the working day. 


Ensuring the Safe and Appropriate Use of Mobile Phones

  • Personal mobile phones belonging to staff are not to be used on the premises during working hours. 

  • Activity Coordinators will have to keep a mobile phone on them for emergency reasons, particularly on trip days.  However, they must not be making or receiving personal calls during work hours.

  • There are instances when Support Staff and volunteers may need to contact the Activity Coordinator or Group Supervisor e.g. when episodes of behaviour that challenge arise.

  • Support staff and volunteers should not use their personal mobiles to take photographs of children or young people whilst on outings or within the setting.

  • All staff are advised to give relatives the Activity Coordinators contact number so they can be contacted in case of emergency.

  • In case of emergency personal mobile phones may be used in designated areas, with permission from the Activity Coordinator.


Camera Usage

  • Staff must not bring their own camera or recording equipment to the group.

  • Under no circumstances are pictures or recordings to be taken other than those taken using work phones.

  • Photographs or recordings will only be taken of those children and young people whose parents/carers have signed the relevant social media consent form.

  • Photographs taken will be used as part of a planned activity or for promotional purposes only.

Updated August 2022

By Joanne Barnes

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