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Tube Feeding
Policy 2022


Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Policy


Policy Statement


Children and young people with disabilities might require help with eating and drinking or other aspects of intimate personal care.


Play Inclusion Project is committed to ensuring that all staff responsible for gastrostomy tube feeding undertake their duties in a professional manner. Play Inclusion Project recognises that there is a need to treat all children and young people with respect.  No child should be attended to in a way that causes distress or pain.  A child's welfare and dignity will always be of the highest priority. 


All feeding requirements should be fully discussed with the child's parents/carers and recorded on the child’s individual care plan.  Individual needs will be discussed during the home visit as part of the referral process.


Gastrostomy Tube Feeding Procedure

  • Gastrostomy Tube feeding should be carried out by a qualified member of staff who has had the appropriate training

  • Staff must wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water and then apply PPE.  If a risk assessment determines that there is a risk of splashing to the eyes for example from coughing, spitting or vomiting, a face visor should also be reduce transmission of COVID-19

  • Feeding should be carried out in a quiet area away from the rest of the group

  • The child/young person’s support worker should be present to witness the procedure in line with the safeguarding policy

  • Attach the tube to the stomach ensuring the air flow is locked off

  • Once the tube has been attached staff must ensure the child’s clothes are adjusted in order to respect their dignity

  • Flush the tube through with water, then give feed followed by another flush through with water (NB if the tube is a permanent peg water must be plunged in to clean the tube)

  • Parents/carers are required to provide all relevant feeding items required including tube, cooled boiled water and supplement feed

  • Lock of air flow and remove the tube from the stomach

  • Adjust clothes accordingly

  • Remove PPE

  • Record details on the Intimate Care Record Form

  • If the button falls out during the session, apply PPE, replace it and cover with surgical tape.  If it falls on the floor wash it and replace it and cover with surgical tape

Individual needs should be reviewed regularly with parents/carers and any amendments made to care plans where necessary.  Parents must sign and date care plans when amendments are made.

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