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Training Policy


Training Policy


Policy Statement


Day to day training is the responsibility of Management who can call on specialised skills and knowledge within the Company and from external sources for advice on training matters. 




The aims of the policy are: 

  • To provide induction training for all new employees, including relevant health and safety information.

  • To provide job specific training to all new employees and to existing employees who are changing job within the Company, including health and safety information.

  • To identify the longer-term development needs of those employees with potential to progress beyond their present job and to meet those needs when they are consistent with the needs of the Company. 




The procedures for training are: 

  • A record will be kept for each employee showing the training received. 

  • The training records will be monitored on a regular basis and the needs checked. 

  • All training programmes will be monitored and revised as necessary in order to meet changing business needs. 


The Company will provide any necessary training and will meet the costs involved. However, if an employee fails to complete the training or their employment ends within one year of completing any external training course for any reason except redundancy, the employee must reimburse the cost of any training on a pro-rata basis. 


Employees will be required to sign an ‘Agreement to deduct from pay’ prior to starting any external course, which authorises the Company to make this deduction.

Updated July 2022

By Joanne Barnes

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