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Volunteering Policy


Policy Statement


Play Inclusion Project aims to promote the social inclusion of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities.  In line with this mission the charity seeks to involve volunteers, to ensure the service offered meets the needs of service users, provide new skills and perspectives and increase our contact with the local community.


This volunteering policy will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into the organisational structure and that mechanisms are in place for them to contribute to the work of Play Inclusion Project. 




  • Play Inclusion Project does not aim to introduce volunteers to replace paid members of staff.

  • Play Inclusion Project expects that staff at all levels will work positively with volunteers and where appropriate, will actively seek to involve them in their work.

  • Play Inclusion Project recognises that volunteers require satisfying work and personal development and will seek to help volunteers meet these needs and provide training/awareness for them to do their work effectively.


Practice Guidelines


The following guidelines deal with the practical aspects of the involvement of volunteers.  More detailed information can be found in the Staff Service Plan.


  • All prospective volunteers will be interviewed to find out what they would like to do, their skills, suitability and how best their potential might be released.

  • Volunteers will have a volunteer agreement establishing what Play Inclusion Project undertakes to provide for them.  In addition, they will agree to a written outline of the specific work they will be undertaking.  Neither of these documents is a contract, Play Inclusion Project has no intention of creating a contract with any volunteers.

  • Volunteers will have their travel expenses reimbursed.  Petrol expenses are paid at 45p per mile, bus and train fares will be reimbursed where volunteers provide the tickets bought.

  • All volunteers will have a named person as their main point of contact; this will generally be their Activity Coordinator.  They will provide regular supervision, provide feedback on progress, and discuss future development and any possible problems.

  • Volunteers are encouraged to express their views about matters concerning Play Inclusion Project and its work.  All feedback and comments will be treated confidentially.

  • All volunteers are covered by the insurance policy whilst they are on the premises or engaged in any work on behalf of Play Inclusion Project.

  • Volunteers are covered by the Health and Safety policy of the organisation.

  • Play Inclusion Project operates an equal opportunities policy in respect of both paid staff and volunteers.  Volunteers are expected to have an understanding off and a commitment to the equal opportunities policy.

  • We aim to identify and solve problems at the earliest stage.  A procedure has been drawn up for dealing with complaints either by or about volunteers.

  • Volunteers will be bound by the same requirements for confidentiality as paid staff.  

  • A volunteer placement may be ended without warning if Play Inclusion Project believes that there is sufficient cause, i.e. where behaviour is inappropriate or harmful. 


 Examples of this include:

  • A breach in confidentiality

  • Acts that bring the charity into disrepute

  • Acts that contravene Play Inclusion Project’s Health and Safety Policy

  • Any verbal or physical act that contravenes Play Inclusion Project’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

  • Any verbal or physical abuse of members of staff, children, other volunteers and visitors.

  • If any alcohol or drugs are consumed at any time whilst in a setting

Updated October 2022

By Joanne Barnes

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